Land Rovers & Trailers

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Land Rovers & Trailers

Ace Loos operates a fleet of 4×4 Land Rovers all fitted with tow bars. These practical and versatile vehicles mean that if you need a delivery or collection of a site, event or VIP loo in muddy, hard to get areas then the Land Rover with its four-wheel drive will go nearly anywhere, within reason, so it’s a worry off your mind.

One vehicle is fitted with a front mounted winch, which assists with the positioning of VIPs and in extreme difficulties manoeuvring equipment and other vehicles.

The Land Rover is also ideal for getting into smaller areas for delivery or collection, especially in areas with limited access.

Ace Loos also has a fleet of trailers which can carry between 3 and 12 toilets.  These in combination with our Land Rovers, or other vehicles, enable us to deliver and set up events in the most cost effective manner.

Trailer with 4 x toilets on. This can either be used with event units at an event or site units for building projects etc. The trailer allows it to be easily moved around site if and when required.