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Site & Construction

For those in the construction industry; whether you are building an extension at a customer’s home or running a major construction site, we can cater for your complete sanitary needs. We offer a range of units specially dedicated for sites. Whether you require a standard toilet, mains connect unit or hot wash we are here to help.

Alongside this, we also cater for individual homeowners. Having work undertaken at your home but don’t want the inconvenience of tradesmen or their footprints through your house? A site toilet could be just what you need!

All toilets are available to hire for a minimum of four weeks and include servicing once a week.

Service Areas Covered: Hampshire and Dorset

Delivery and installation: The site toilets are delivered and completely installed on-site by our trained professionals.
Weekend deliveries are also available. Extra charges may apply.

Servicing: We thoroughly sanitize the site toilets every week. We check the toiletries like toilet tissues, liquid soaps, hand towels, and restock them. The servicing also includes full pump out of the tank, filled with fresh water and blue chemical refill.

How many toilets do you need on a construction site?

Step 1: Determine the number of workers you have on each shift.

Step 2: Determine the number of shifts you have per each day.

Assuming 40 hours per week (8 hours per day), a minimum of 1 construction site toilet is required for 10 workers on site.

If you're not sure you can use this Site Unit Calculator to plan the number of site toilets to be hired.

Site Unit Calculator

For Site Units Only

  • Toilets should be placed within 200 feet/ 60 meters of actual work area.
  • Based on 8 hour day / 40 hour work week.